Sunday, December 6, 2009

Heavy heart:

"Melancholy; depressed; sad.
When your heart is weighted down by sorrow. Often times a death, or when you are still in love with someone from the past."

I hate that I still miss some feelings sometimes.

Friday, December 4, 2009


I can never get my homework done when I need to go online & find things to do it. It's not because I get distracted with Facebook or Twitter or anything.. I always start out in the right place but then clicking on one page leads me to another, & then a cool DIY article, & then to someone's blog (which I then have to bookmark or start following), & then to their Twitter (which I'll add too), but I won't get stuck on there, backtrack & then to something else. I'm somewhat staying on topic, but it's 3am & I feel like I'm going mad with the need to find more interesting stuff.

I've been doing some "research" (if you call poking around on Google image search as research) for my Design Process project of creating a dream closet for my pretend client Nellie. Over Thanksgiving break Steve & Nellie invited me over (& thank god they did because if they hadn't I would've been eating spam & eggs instead of turkey & mashed potatoes) & Nellie was showing me some of her favorite shoes & purses (because her closet is in the guest bedroom & she was cleaning it up for me to sleep). All of her super expensive, name brand, amazing labels I've never seen in real life were all tucked away into little boxes & bags & crammed into a tiny closet that's even smaller than my crappy apartment's. If I had nice expensive things like that, they'd be out on display & I would show them proudly, & then when other people would gawk at it all I'd just be like "Oh, yeah, that. It's no big deal." & that's when my project idea struck me. I need to make a dream closet for Nellie! Turn an entire room into her new closet, set everything out as if it were a store, & make it super classy & chic (yes, it's 3:15am & I just tried spelling chic like "sheek" & could not for the life of me understand why it got a red underline).

I'm not even sure what I'm supposed to come to class with though. The teacher said she wanted a floor plan (or an idea of one?) but on a 30x30" piece of paper? Not only is that freaking huge, but whaaaaat kind of scale are we talking about? I definitely remember her saying she didn't want us to get complicated by doing more than one room, but she might have also said something about this room being like 900 sq. ft? That's waaaaay bigger than what I'm working with in real life here, how am I supposed to picture that? I love my design process teacher, but honestly I think the class is kind of a joke with all the "do whatever you want just for fun" assignments & now with our final project being totally unclear. I just don't think I'm actually learning anything out of this class & I feel like it should be demoted to an after school club. Which I would totally sign up for.

Aw crap, now I'm looking at photography sites. -_-

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Making new friends!

I meant for this to be a quick little entry, but I ended up spending way too much time looking for a picture. Oh well! So anyway, today was really awesome. I got my Principles of Color project done on time & using the Sims 3 actually turned out really well! We got our assignment for the final project & I totally have it figured out, I just have to work on the little details & hopefully my baking/decorating skills are as good as I'm picturing it in my head. Anyway, while working in the library a classmate came up to me & asked if I wanted to take a break & grab a bite to eat. I thought that was awesome because I never really get any chances to go out with other people & I want to make friends with as many people as I can. It was really nice though, we walked across the street to the Panini Cafe & sat outside talking about our projects, classes, our goals, what brought us to FIDM, Thanksgiving break, just all sorts of things. It was sooo nice. I know it's super lame, I'm just really excited that I'm actually meeting new people & not falling into my usual hermit crab ways.

Anway, have to cram cram crammmm drafting homework. Hopefully I'll have time to sleep tonight.