Thursday, December 3, 2009

Making new friends!

I meant for this to be a quick little entry, but I ended up spending way too much time looking for a picture. Oh well! So anyway, today was really awesome. I got my Principles of Color project done on time & using the Sims 3 actually turned out really well! We got our assignment for the final project & I totally have it figured out, I just have to work on the little details & hopefully my baking/decorating skills are as good as I'm picturing it in my head. Anyway, while working in the library a classmate came up to me & asked if I wanted to take a break & grab a bite to eat. I thought that was awesome because I never really get any chances to go out with other people & I want to make friends with as many people as I can. It was really nice though, we walked across the street to the Panini Cafe & sat outside talking about our projects, classes, our goals, what brought us to FIDM, Thanksgiving break, just all sorts of things. It was sooo nice. I know it's super lame, I'm just really excited that I'm actually meeting new people & not falling into my usual hermit crab ways.

Anway, have to cram cram crammmm drafting homework. Hopefully I'll have time to sleep tonight.

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