Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fresh start.

A lot of heartbreaking things have happened lately, but I think I'm ready to move on with my life. I remember on the first day of orientation the school president/principle came out & gave us some advice on surviving FIDM & a few of the ones that stuck out to me most were:

- "Start acting like the person you want to become."
- "Surround yourself with people who believe in you."
- "Sometimes you have to lose friends."
- "Remove all the negative influences in your life."

So, I broke up with Billy just recently. It was a hard decision but after a lot of thinking I realized it was for the best. We were making each other become people we never wanted to be. I have felt like this for a long while now, & with the new year, new classes, & meeting new people, I realized that our relationship was the only thing holding me back from completely submerging myself in a forward movement. I really want to make the best & get the most out of my time here in LA (however long that may be) & my time at school. I want to take advantage of every opportunity that is available for me & just really start working towards being the "person that I want to become".

I've recently joined the American Society for Interior Designers club(?) at school, & I'm really thinking about signing up for the Set Design/Decorating club (because I think that is just SO awesome). So I'll really be getting some insight into interior design, I'll be more involved at school, I can meet some new people, & just really start loving life again.

A couple months ago I met this guy named John through some friends who were helping me out while I was bombing my cockroach infested apartment. We've been talking a lot lately & recently hanging out. There isn't any pressure for anything to come out of this, which I think is really important (especially with the recent break up with Billy), it's just so wonderful to hang out with a really creative person. I feel like I'm going to get a lot out of being around him. He has a really positive vibe & all of his creativity & dedication to his job really inspires me to do the same (be creative & have a drive for school). We're supposed to meet up tomorrow for some Pho, which I'm really excited for because I've been craving it & it's been extremely cold, wet, & gloomy here in LA which is starting to make me sick & all of my canned soups taste gross. He's just a nice guy to hang out with & be around & I'm really looking forward to all the good things that are about to happen in my life.

I should probably stop there for now. I have sketching homework that's due on Friday & I want to get as much done before we get pho so I don't feel guilty about being out.

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