Thursday, July 1, 2010

My heart can begin to heal.

So Billy & I are together again, & I'm honestly so deeply & incredibly happy. I feel like after all of this... crap that just happened, my eyes are finally really open& I'm ready to start giving this relationship what it deserves, giving Billy what he deserves. I know we can make each other really happy. & I have to remember to balance my life & not push everything onto him & expect him to fulfill everything that my life lacks. I need to be a happy & enjoyable person to be around & really starting loving my own life. Start loving myself.

I just wanted to put this in here so that it doesn't look like only terrible things happen to me.

Also, I've called 3 design firms looking for interns & I'm waiting to hear back from them. Hopefully someone wants me :D

Oh, & Billy's coming here this Saturday. I'm so happy :)

And my parents are coming here this tuesday!

AND my birthday is in 9 days :)

Ok, that's all.

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