Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 2: Something you feel strongly about

First of all, WOW do I suck at keeping up with this challenge. Welp, no one said it had to be 30 consecutive days, did they? I didn't see that anywhere. So, as far as anyone's concerned, this is my "day 2". Hahaha :)

Okay, something I feel strongly about... about like anything? I guess I can take that however I want. Well, I feel really strongly about doing what makes you happy. I know, that's like duhhhh. But I mean, there's something really beautiful in giving your heart what it desires & making the few chances we get, count. I know I don't always follow it myself, but I love motivating & inspiring other people to go out & chase their dream. I feel strongly about telling people to get what they want because they're worth it. I feel strongly about inspiring & being inspired.

Those are a lot of things. I'm ranting. I'm tired.

I feel strongly about going to sleep right now because I have work in the morning.

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