Wednesday, June 1, 2011

4. Bullet your whole day

Well wasn't really all that interesting, but I'll bullet it anyway:
-Woke up
-Checked my email
-Saw an email from JetBlue saying they have flights for $44 & $103 for 3 nights in Vegas, then started dreaming about that
-Realized that wasn't going to happen
-Took a shower, got ready for work
-Showed my mom me & Kim's awesome rap cover we recorded the other night

-rushed to work like a speeding maniac
-had a terrible sales day, but didn't really care
-counted the tills + safe wrong at closing & convinced everyone that we were missing $190
-didn't realized until after I got home that I was wrong & that we're actually OVER by $10, whoops
-went on craigslist to look for interior design jobs in Seattle
-made a goal that within the next 2 weeks I'm going to print out 15 resumes & go to Seattle with specific high-end showrooms in mind to hand them out to
-decided to write in my blog
-made this list

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JB said...

That video is fucking awesome.