Wednesday, July 30, 2008

No pictures, just words.

I'm feeling pretty shitty right about now, & I didn't accomplish a whole lot today. All I have to show for today is a band-aid over my Gardasil shot, a completed Guitar Hero game, and painted shoes that give me a mixture of feelings. Those said mixture of feelings being happy (that I finished them), sad (that they weren't done in time), pissed (that I wont even be giving them to him myself & because I worked so hard on them), and sad (because I feel that my hard work kind of has gone to waste & wont really get the credit and direct response that it deserves).
I haven't finished uploading all of my Oregon trip pictures. So, after I get around to doing that, I'll be able to edit & upload them, & them blog about my time there. There's actually a ton of things I want to talk about right now, but honestly, painting those shoes has totally worn me out, & all I can do is sigh and go to bed.


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