Thursday, March 18, 2010

Inspiring inspiration?

So, after looking around at some other blogs, & thinking about my own... Maybe I should start posting up images I steal from the internet & save into my "inspirations" folder. That would be kind of cool. Also, I thinking that I should try to use flickr more. I always find awesome stuff on there, but I just haven't totally figured out how to use it. Maybe over break?

Oh man spring break.

I'm almost done with this quarter! I'm dragging to the end though, I'm not going to lie. My body crapped out on me at 4am yesterday while I was up late trying to finish my Residential Design Concepts project. My head was spinning, I was throwing up, nearly in tears, & still trying to draft all at the same time. I got my project done (late) but I missed the final :( I don't know how that's going to affect me in the class, but I hope to god that I passed.

So now I'm up.. it's nearly 5am. I've been up since about 2am or whenever my phone rang, but I had been sleeping since 3 or 4pm. I'm probably going to go back to bed for a little too. From finishing my Photoshop project (monday night) to my Residential project (tuesday night) I only slept a few hours. Was up for nearly 48 hours. So, I need to make up for it.

I still have the final (test) for Survey of Architecture & Interior Design (2), but I'm hoping that the notebook project that I/we turned in was so good that we'll get out of taking the final. I can't ride on that though.. I still need to study. & Then I have my sketching class on Friday, which I should probably be working on now.. but honestly, I'm exhausted. I'd rather sleep up now so I can truck through thursday & get it all done.

Then there's the weekend... where I get my car & take my kitty up to.. I think it's Arcadia & drop him off at a girl's house so she can watch him while I go back home for 2 weeks.

Monday: my Autocad final, which I'm not even going to study for because that was the easiest class in my life. I'm pretty sure I never did homework because I always got it done right there in class.

And then Tuesday! 11:03am flight to Seattle! :D Yay! I'm so excited to see everyone again. 2 whole weeks! I bet it's going to fly by though. I need to take a billion pictures.

Anyway! This started out as a 'note to self' & then turned into a whole post. Whoops?

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