Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Take advantage of the time you have now.

I just realized that if he really is moving back to San Francisco, & he doesn't want me to mention his name on anything so that his old coworkers don't know if his whereabouts, & I don't have any pictures with or of him really.... It would really be as if he never existed & the whole thing never happened. & To be honest, the thought of that breaks my heart. I can't let that happen. I mean, even if it doesn't really become anything & we go our separate ways, I still want to be able to prove that this, whatever it is, existed at all at one point in time. I know in the future I'm going to look back on this time, when there was still time left, & regret that I never did or said anything about it. Maybe not exactly spell out in so many awkward words, but just grab a camera, say it's for something else, & make a whole thing about it.

Yeah, so I'll do that, so I can stop regretting something that hasn't happened yet.

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