Thursday, November 6, 2008

New chapter

So here I go, out into "the world" (well, every day life I suppose) kind of alone in the sense that I don't have casual friends & I lost my boyfriend & (kind of) best friend (if I think about it) in one blow. But I guess I was too accepting, or too oblivious, with our lack of relationship. I was kind of alright with only seeing him once, maybe twice a week. I mean, I'm busy (well, not so much lately since my hours have been cut a little) & I know he's busy & I was okay with that. I don't know, I just had way too much hope for it. & I've kind of always sort of felt that I liked him more than he liked me, like I would always be a little more willing to give up something for him. I mean, not give up entirely, but things like making alternative plans for myself, & I didn't mind, it was what I wanted to do.

I can't write anymore.

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