Saturday, January 31, 2009

Like always, a rant.

Wow, really Veronica? Could you try any harder?
Actually, no, this one isn't your fault this time. He basically asked you to try a little harder (by saying, I quote, "u don't seem to be very good at holding up a convo"), but ironically enough, that call to action lead to him being less responsive. Wow. Wow, wow, wow. I feel like.. well what the fuck was that for? I think I'm actually pissed off. Yeah, I am. I'm pissed because I actually put forth a lot of effort, & it meant nothing & I got nothing in return. Why am I here again? If you took out the physical aspect, where is the fun in this situation? Maybe it's just the "being pissed off" talking, but seriously, what the fuck am I doing, & why the fuck am I doing it?

Was that the cut off point?
FUCK! I need real people to talk to. -_-

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