Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Some resolutions to work on right now...

Alright, for some reason I've been kind of dead, a sort of "there.. but not really there" kind of thing. I don't like it, I'm sure the people around me don't like it, & so something(s) must be done. Having all the time in the world is perfect for working on things like this, so thanks Starbucks for giving me like no hours! (I'm not sure if I mean that, I'm just trying to make the best out of that situation.) Okay, so the problem is I'm not very present. My eyes are tired, my brain isn't functioning at top speeds, I'm lacking opinion, there's a lag, & I'm being overly laid back, boring even. WHERE ARE YOU VERONICA?!

Here is how we're going to fix this:
-Get some sleep at night
-Talk more, blog more, call people more, tell people about your day
-Start conversations
-Stretch & exercise a little bit every day
-Take pictures
-Get outside
-Stick to to-do lists
-Be organized
-Be honest
-Say things when & while you think them
-Stop trying to be in control of everything
-Don't think so much into things
-Stop living in your head
-Don't avoid feelings
-Be creative
-Throw yourself out there without knowing exactly what's going to happen
-Take risks
-Stop doubting yourself
-Stop being so awkward & making things awkward
-Have energy & life & love & confidence & personality
-Like & love yourself.

That actually turned out to be a bit more than I had originally thought, but that's alright. & quite a few of those were slight repeats anyway.

mini workout then bed.

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