Sunday, June 28, 2009

I am frustrated.

Actually, that is a complete understatement. I don't know why, but my phone messing up (constantly), not syncing up right on google calendar, & making TONS of copies of events on my phone's calendar has struck a chord. And a bad one at that. I want to rip my hair out & scream & break my first through the screen & smash things & UGHSDF;OJSDAFKJSDKJ I'm already goddamned tired. I don't know wtf's wrong with it but it's extra pissing me off because the events that I actually put in there (aka my WORK SCHEDULE) are set to have an alarm go off an hour early (you know, for me to wake up in time for work) AND THEY HAVEN'T BEEN GOING OFF. I havent' been sleeping through them, I know that for sure because my alarm is loud as shit & I've also already been already awake & heard nothing. It's just frustrating dealing with an expensive piece of shit that does none of the things I originally bought it for. Thanks Blackberry & Verizon, you really fucked me on this one.

Also, for some goddamned reason Billy is stuck is downtown Seattle & thought it would be a genius idea to WALK all the way to his house. at 2am. by himself. Why the fuck is he being such a retard tonight?

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