Saturday, October 31, 2009

Just a little pep talk.

I know my blog's been quite the Negative Nancy lately, & I'm sorry. That definitely wasn't the intention for making this thing & I need to keep that in mind. This one's supposed to be the bright cheery one. The one with pictures, & that's inspiring, & nostalgic, & more of an overall look of my days rather than a never-ending rant. That probably won't change anything the next time something upsetting comes along, but oh well. I figured it was about time for a change of pace for myself (since I've been so non-stop with school & just everything). I need to keep myself at a high positive level or else I'll crumble apart & lose everything, & I just don't have time for that.

Anyway, back to my reason for getting on here. I was just brushing my teeth when I had these thoughts starting to come into my head. It's probably been the best thing I've said to myself in a while, & I know I need it.

There are a thousand reasons to be unhappy; sitting & thinking about them is the easy way out. The challenge & admirable thing is to go against your odds to find & create your own good things. The world will never stop throwing shit your way & getting down about it is declaring forfeit. But we don't forfeit, we don't give up, & we don't lose. We win, every time. So keep your head up, stay optimistic, & always keep moving.


kimberlie.a said...

is there a like button on here...? if not, pretend that i clicked it.

i love you.

FIDM Blog Girl said...

very cool ;)