Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"I'm looking at your face and I just want to smash it."

That picture's from yesterday. I didn't feel like taking a new one.

just watched Punch Drunk Love at Kim's house, and I'm certain that I am incapable of having a "dirty" conversation with anyone. Maybe that's just how the crazies do it, but seriously, I could never say something like "I want to chew off your face and suck on your eyeballs." No. I'm not seeing how it's physically possible to get off on something like that. And really, when you call someone for phone sex, do they really say "Are you stroking it?", because I personally couldn't say that without snorting afterwards. I guess I'm just not cut out to be an "Audio Erotic Performer" (phrased by Wikipedia). There goes that career path.

Today was an interesting day. An emotionally interesting day. Going from scared, confused, uncertain, shameful, and quiet, to laughing, hugging, kissing, smiling, happy, and relieved. Gardasil throws off your schedule, apparently. I'm hoping that's the case. I'm pretty sure it is. To be on the safe side, we're giving it a few days before we "check". aaaaaand enough about that.

My grandma wants me to drive her out to Port Angeles tomorrow so that she can go to the Goodwill. Are you kidding me? It's Goodwill! Apparently it's a "really good one", (in comparison to all the nearby ones, I guess) and my grandma refuses to go to any other. I don't even know what she's looking for. The last time she wanted to go there, she wanted an extension cord. She wanted to go all the way to Port Angeles for an extension cord. If a "good" Goodwill existed, I would assume it would be in Seattle. You know, the bigger city, with a bigger store, more people, and oh yeah, it's a little closer too. At least she's giving me $50? It doesn't really count for much though, considering the gas prices now. That'll cover the tank. I don't know how I'll pass the time while she's poking around the store though. Maybe I'll paint by the the waterfront. That's my favorite place ever in Port Angeles. I used to go there all the time when I needed to get away from Port Orchard. Maybe Forrest can come with me :)

Bed time!

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