Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yep, we're good.

This is the best "right now" picture of me that I can do (that's me laying my bed with my arm draped over the side, if you can't tell) because that's actually really where I want to be right now. But I can't. Nope. I can't sleep. I tired. And I've just been exhaaaaaaaausted since I got home from taking my grandma to Port Angeles and back. (I'm really glad Forrest came along with me though :D) But for some reason, I just can't take a nap, as much as I'd like/love/need to, I can't. I just lie (lay?) there forever, while Kung Pao Prawns slops around my digestive system. Oh. Maybe it's all that coke I just drake right before I came down to my room. But caffeine usually doesn't have any affect on me at all anymore. I'm pretty sure with how often I down it into my system, I'm nearly immune to it's powers. Maybe I just underestimated the strength of a liter? Well OBVIOUSLY, idiot, YOU CAN'T SLEEP! Ready for one of the most horrible sounding things ever? I'm pretty sure I have a drinking problem, I'm addicted to coke, and my god do I love it. haha :)

False alarm. It was just the Gardasil.

I'm really sleepy. I have a lot of paintings to work on, but it would be so much better if I could just get like 30 minutes in. That's allll I want.....

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