Thursday, May 8, 2008

It's worth a try.

I suppose it's about time that I have a public blog. Although, I'm sure "public blog" is just way of saying "pleeeeease creep on me". We'll see how well this goes though. I'm aiming for this to be more of a like-photo blog more than a "here's inside my head" blog. Most of the things I keep in my head are in there for a reason, and will go to their appropriate place if they need to get out (aka "the secret blog). [And no, you will not find it, so don't even try!] Back to the point of me creating this... photo blog! Since I got my camera back I've been taking a lot of pictures and I think there should be some kind of public proof that I actually did something with my day. Plus, all those embarrassing pictures that I (creepily) take of everyone else needs a public home. (gah, to be honest, I'm kind of just blabbing to get around this goddamned picture so that I can start a new paragraph with a new picture.) Bleh, my mouth tastes like cigarettes.

Today's blog features:

Kimberlie Forrest Emelio ME

So, Tuesday was the "R U on the list" show thing with Ludo, The Lonely Forest, and Tennis Pro. We (Kim, Forrest, Emelio, and I) stopped at Emelio's place in Kent before the show. Kent's a cute place and I just loooove tiny little houses. And I love neighborhoods with houses that totally look different from the one next to it. It reminds me of living in Illinois.

Of course Kim and I camera whored a little. I'm telling you, the ability to control the lighting settings on the camera is an amazing thing. Just look at that color! It looks like it's a wonderful, nice, sunny day! Is it?! Noooo, that's just the "cloudy" option on the camera! Really though, it's a great thing. :)

We ended up hanging out in front of Emelio's house for a while, watching a (Chamorro? Guamanian? Whatever, brown. How's that?) family playing volleyball with their shirts off. I don't know how they were doing it; it was goddamned freezing outside. Oh, and we had some argument about how (plug in) lawn mowers and vacuum cleaners were/were not related to each other. I'm pretty sure I won with the THEY ARE KIND OF LIKE THE SAME THING! Yes, I know vacuum cleaning do not have blades. But, "Bristles are to vacuums as blades are to _____." LAWN MOWERS! They're similar. See it? Yeah, I do.

I think we got to Seattle about 8 or so, which meant that we had an hour to kill before the show started. We ate food :) There was this cute pizza place right across the street from Chop Suey that we decided to stop at. We ordered a Veggie Pizza :) I absolutely love it people do something a differently just for me. Really though, like, it just puts a smile on my face.

I just think it's really lame when
people are assholes about the fact that I don't eat meat. Get over it. It's nothing new. (I'm thinking of a particular self-ruining, back-stabbing bitch when I say this) but I just hate it when "people" try to get me to eat meat, and just say stupid things. Like, "why can't you be normal?" or "you're missing out on this." No, actually I'm not missing anything. And then my favorite is when I'll be like "Hey, try some of these vegetables/tofu/soy-something" and "they're" like "Eww, no. Gross." Your face is gross, I hate you, so shut up. Oh jeez, I didn't mean to get myself into a rant. BACK ON TRACK!

Tennis Pro played first. I didn't like them. Actually, I'm pretty sure we all didn't like them. They've got a cute concept, calling themselves "Tennis Pro" and then wearing preppy outfits on stage, but I just don't really dig their music. When everyone's playing random things at the same time, it just kind of sounds like noise. Sorry boys. Kim and I kept looking at each other with "are they seriously playing this?" expressions on our faces. (I asked Kim to show me what her "face while watching Tennis Pro" was. That's it to the left.) Oh yeah, and one of Emelio is his version of a creepin' on sort of stare. Haha, oh, I have funny friends.

The Lonely Forrest played second and I loooooooooooved them. Oh man, I was so excited to see them play. (I can tell you I definitely wasn't there for Ludo) They started their set off with "We Sing in Time" and it was ASDFALIEWJOAIENJ!@#$ amazing. Even more so live. I like their band, and they're only a 3-piece. That's impressive, especially for how great they sound. I'm pretty much in love with singer guy's voice (and ability to belt out while playing piano) and with bass player's face. (But he's blonde! I know, how weird. I don't usually dig the blondies.) I bought the very last demo of their's for $3 instead of 5. :) Thank you The Lonely Forest. I love youu.

We left 2 songs into Ludo's set. Kim had a midnight curfew.

On a semi-personal note, I really like going out to places with Forrest. I'm still surprised by how nice he is to me. Not that I don't think he's capable to being nice, it's just.. it's always a nice, appreciative surprise to be treated like that. But I like going to places with him. I've been trying to work on being out in public and around friends while with Forrest. It's always been (in the past) kind of a weird thing to try and balance who I am when I'm dating someone and who I am with my friends (or to the rest of the world). After talking with the girls a few weeks back, my new mental project is to combine those two (different) sides of me. It's been really great though, because now I can have that fun, carefree, silly, comfortable side with someone who makes me giddy at the same time. :)

I'm tired of trying to edit this stupid thing. Here's The Lonely Forest.

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kimberlie.a said...

You're no longer a blog virgin. WOOT.
good one man. I'm adding you to my friends list thingy, and also i LOVE your rany about being vegetarian. HA.

i <3 our BFF FOR LIFE!